Grind 10 2018

15 Days. 10 Grinds. One great cause..

From July 1st to 15th, take on the challenge of completing 10 Grinds in 15 days. You could win some great prizes, improve your fitness and support BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.
Date: July 1-15, 2018 
Requirements to participate: 
– Must be signed up for the Grind for Kids program supporting BC Children’s Hospital  
– Must have a current Grind Timer Card 
Participants who complete all 10 Grinds within the 15 day period, will be entered into a draw to win some awesome prizes from our partners.

Registration opening soon!

Multi Grouse Grind® Challenge

Hit the Grind on the longest day of the year!.

From dawn to dusk, test your mettle against the most avid of Grinders on the longest day of the year. The hardiest of athletes will tackle the ultimate challenge of multiple Grinds within one day, whether the goal is to set a personal best or set the bar as the official Multi-Grouse Grind® Challenge record holder. While this is an impressive physical feat, it is also an incredibly important event that raises valuable funds for  BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

Help us reach our goal of an all-time $1 million raised this year by signing up for the challenge or by donating to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to show your support for our Multi-Grind Challengers! 
Note: This is the official and only sanctioned event to determine the record-holder for most ascents of the Grouse Grind in a one-day period. 
Date: Thursday June 21st, 2018 
Time: Dawn to dusk (4am-10pm) 
Fee: No registration fee, but the following criteria must be met in order to participate: 
    – Grouse Mountain Annual Local’s Passholder – If you are not a current passholder, click here to purchase 
    – Current Grind Timer® – If you are not a current Grind Timer holder, click here to purchase 
    – Must be registered in the Grind for Kids program and raise a minimum of $200 for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation – Click here to register
 For additional guidelines and safety requirements, click here.
Registration launching soon – stay tuned!

NEW Niviuk Takoo 4 Tandem Paragliding Wing

The New Takoo 4 is a paragliding wing with a performance at the highest professional level. Its excellent loading and speed retention allow smooth and safe takeoffs and landings for both the pilot and the passenger.

Thanks to a modern architecture based on light, flexible and resistant materials, the Takoo 4 boasts absolute safety and high durability. The one thing better than a good flight it is having someone to share it with.

Displaying excellence in all facets of flight, it has the performance of the highest level as well as maximum comfort and manoeuvrability. A tandem researched and designed to offer the best experience for both professional and recreational flights.

From the first moment of taking off, the wing’s incredible inflation and immediate load-bearing will delight the most demanding pilots. The Takoo 4 offers complete control in roll, as well as optimal circulation and air flow thanks to the application of STE (Structured Trailing Edge) technology. As a result, when we reduce the speed of the wing its entire surface slowly starts to bend, not only its trailing edge.

Once in the air, its incredible performance in thermals facilitates a quick and easy ascent. The ELS (Ear Lock System) is a simple and easy-to-use pull-and-lock system that allows the pilot to effectively carry out any rapid descent technique.

Reaching higher speeds and avoiding deformations in the leading edge is already a reality. The wing is more rigid and stable along the span of the leading edge but also allows full flexibility along both the vertical and horizontal axis which assists with the durability of this part of the canopy. In addition, the upgraded trimmer system and brakes are much more effective than ever, allowing you to be more confident in stronger winds.

With a new and more evolved profile than ever, well defined and clean, with a maximized internal pressure, the Takoo 4 is given an enormous capacity to absorb turbulence. Its new design maintains its aerodynamic qualities throughout the speed range and can be controlled at low speeds. In short, a glider with total stability, which allows absolute control.

Durability was one of our priorities in its development and is one of the greatest advantages of the Takoo 4. It is a paraglider built using a clever combination of 38 g and 32 g fabrics and based on the idea of using light materials, such as the combination of nickel and titanium (Nitinol) that reinforces the leading edge and gives the wing more lightness and flexibility. By design it does not have a competition line set, which is much more vulnerable to premature wear, but durable lines which are also easier to sort. It also has an efficient 3D contour, thanks to an extra seam in the longitudinal axis of the glider, which gives more consistency and volume to the profile.

In short, the Takoo 4 is not only the best tandem created to date, it is the first of a new generation where high performance for the professional and the comfort for the recreational pilot are combined to offer incredible adventures.

Takoo 4 – the ultimate experience in tandem flying.

Find out more info on the Takoo Via the Niviuk product Page 

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New APCO Paramotoring Pod Harness

First introduced back at the Coupe Icare Show in September 2017, and after extensive development, this product is now finally available.

Harrah for APCO on their Universal design pod that can fit the majority of harnesses and frames currently on the market. A desirable upgrade for Winter flying or any cross country pilot looking for an edge in comfort, speed and aerodynamics.

The most significant challenge during the development of the Paramotor Pod was to solve interference during take-off and landing run. Unlike free flying pod harnesses the Paramotor Pod has an opening both from the top and the bottom. It is stowed against the chest with a magnetic attachment during take-off and landing. Once in the air, the pilot can pull it out and step into the pod from the bottom opening which is easy and intuitive.

  • UNIVERSAL – fits most harness/frame combinations on the market
  • Improved comfort -pulling the seat forward underneath the pilot, allowing a more even spread of the body load is surprisingly comfortable
  • Additional comfort on long flight
  • Weatherproof – constructed from zero porosity elastic material which is both lightweight and sealed against wind and water
  • Paramotor Pod will insulate from the elements (Wear shorts for winter flights)
  • Improved aerodynamics with passive inflatable front fairing
  • Speed Bar compatible
  • Lightweight – under 800 grams
  • Unisize

Find more info on the product page:

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Y2Play Goes On Sale February 19th

The wait is almost over!.

You heard it right; we’re excited to announce that this year’s Y2Play Pass goes on sale February 19th. Vancouver’s best value snow pass is back for its 19th year! 

Starting Monday, you’ll be able to purchase your Y2Play pass for the same fantastic rate you’ve enjoyed for the last six years. An Adult pass remains a huge value at $359 and a Child pass at $64. 
Not only does Y2Play give you all the skiing and riding you can handle for the rest of this season plus all of next, it also comes with some great perks like a complimentary “Bring a Friend” ticket, 50% discount on an Annual Local’s Pass, access to our mountaintop skating pond, Sliding Zone and snowshoe trails plus a complimentary snowshoe rental, skate rental, Sliding Zone sled rental and so much more! 
It has been a terrific snow season so far; in fact we’ve just received 29cm of fresh snow in the last 24 hours and there’s even more on the way. As Grouse Mountain consistently has the longest snow season on the North Shore, we’ve got lots of days left to enjoy on the slopes. 
So mark your calendar for Monday and save with Y2Play!