Day 1 – Icarus Trophy

Blasting out in front for a brief time to about the 170km mark where I took and earlier fuel stop than originally planned.
It was light winds most of the way with a small slow section which made it a stretch to make the original stop so stopping early was the best option.
After defrosting myself and fueling up my motor it was time to give my legs some more punishment!
Light shifty winds made its extremely difficult to launch.
I blew 4 launch attempts and was so exhausted I had to get out of all my gear cool down for 10-15min then muster whatever strength I could find and have another crack!
I sure was thinking I made a bad decision taking such a small glider but with patients paid off in the end.
I waited on siting in my motor for the wind to change in favor of the direction I was facing then scrambled to get onto my feet and launch with a small gust which got me back in the air again.
It was a massive run towards power lines having to turn left while just leaving the ground to avoid them.
It was such a relief to be flying again so I could cool down and recover from the massive effort try to launch.
Once airborne I could see the weather was starting to close in on the mountain Pass at the south end of the valley I was in it looked pretty nasty with rain in places and menacing looking cloud development.
I was checking winds and radar approaching the pass, it looked like I could fly around the rain but the question was how turbulent it was going to be. I decided to push in and see how it was it started to get pretty rough then it’s was clear it was only going to get worse so I turned and ran like a whipped dog with my tail between my legs and headed back to Darby where I had originally planned to stop.
Not long after landing I was joined by Miroslav and soon after Byron.
I found a cheap place to stay for us and managed to convince a guy I ambushed leaving the supermarket to give us a lift with our gear to the lodge.
Dinner, hot shower and time for bed.
We will attempt to cross the pass if the weather is favorable in the morning but it looks like we will be stuck some 200km further south due to strong winds.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.


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