Day 2 – Icarus Trophy

Day 2 done and dusted.
We didn’t get a chance to advance any further due to rain everywhere to the south of where we landed at Salmon.
I ended up landing in a school sports field in town close to fuel but after my takeoff run this morning I thought it would be a good idea to move to a better place to launch fully loaded so there is more runway.
I got fuel and found a guy there that could take me back to the field so I didn’t have to carry all my gear. I loaded my gear in his truck and jump in then the truck doesn’t start. Finally we got it going after playing with fuses, he drops me at the field and takes my extra gear to the airport where Byron and Miro were. That way the launch was much easier from the small sports field.
When I got back there the field was full of kids during lunch break. I waited and scheduled my flight with the tracker, by that time the field was clear and I had an easy launch with a nice couple of knots of wind to help me off.
It was only about 4 kms to the airport where we had a pilots lounge that we are all sleeping in for the night.
Tomorrow looks like we should be able to reach the flat lands near Idaho falls where we will be possibly stopped by strong winds. Fingers crossed for tail winds and no rain for the first leg at 170km

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