Day 4 – Icarus Trophy

Yes we are still racing! Just slowly.
I started the day with a taxi ride scouting around to find a suitable launch site to the north of Pocatello.
I found and old industrial site next to a rail line which worked out well with the wind direction.
I have to brake the motor down to fit in the taxi so the first thing to do was assemble the motor and set up still in the dark. The head torch was magic, thanks to my lovely wife for putting that in my kit.
It took me some time to muster up the strength to attempt a launch as it was very light. I decided not to take extra fuel on this leg as I couldn’t bear to take the extra weight in light winds.
I had a good run down to tremontan which was about 140km in just over 2 hrs
I fueled up and had lunch then had to sort out a new oil container after my bag fell off the table last night and spilt oil all over the floor and in my bag! Nice red oil lucking it was timber floor! I moped it up with lots and lots of paper and left that for the cleaner to wonder what happened. It looked like a murder scene!
Anyway I emptied a coupe of water bottles and used those which worked a treat.
It’s now about mid day and there is plenty of sun on the ground and lots of moisture after the rain the previous few days which meant it was getting rather sporting like in the ski.
By the time I took off and made my way south what had started as nice cumulus clouds has developed into some serious angry chew you up and turn your wing inside out Cumulus Nimbus.
747 don’t mess with these things and I’m sure as hell not going anywhere near one in my tiny little bit of nylon, string and butt fan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I made it to the next scheduled stop which was only another 15km so I could get there safely then landed in a nice big field with a nice little old lady who was kind enough to let me use the field as long as I needed.
I went and refueled anticipating the storm to pass.
I was sitting in the servo assuring route options when I noticed a gap in the weather but by the time I got sorted there was another even bigger storm approaching from the west which would stopped me there with nowhere to land. Oh yeah and if j did get off the ground I’d have to out run the gust front from the other storm close by to the north of us!
Time to call it a day.
I had a snooze in the field and waited to see if it was worth back tracking to where Byron landed but the wind was a bit strong and being head wind to get there I decided to stay put.
Off down the road to find a motel and ran a stupidly hot bath! Oh it was so good I was sweating. My legs loved it.
Checked airspace and weather for tomorrow and plan to launch at sunrise and get past Salt Lake City early before it looks like a nuclear bomb has gone off on it like today.
All going to plan I should make good distance tomorrow. But the ever stop is also getting higher. It will be up around 5500ft I can’t wait for that one! O the plus side it should be starting to get warmer!

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