Day 5 – Icarus Trophy

Off to a terrible start today the wind at ground level was different to glider hight when I was trying to launch and failed a coupe times then changed direction and had to lug my gear to the other end to launch was exhausting.
Finally I managed to launch and make some progress down towards Spanish fork some 140km down course.
Getting there was a little challenging navigating around the airspace around Salt Lake City which meant I had to hug the massive range on the eastern side of the city and stay below 10,500feet
The mountains are 9-10k plus so I was up around 9,500 feet and rather cold! It was stunning scenery with the salt flats to the west and rising up into these massive mountains with a dog filled valley on the eastern side. I went to turn my go pro on to get some footage and as I was fumbling for the button with my gloves on I pushed the camera of my helmet!!! Noooo! I had owned it for less than a week and it’s gone! I had some choice words for a bit then got my trusty phone out to get some evidence ?
When I arrived I came across some wind turbines and a katabatic air flow from the pass which was up wind of where I was planning to stop! Those turbines really mess the air up behind them so I quickly googled gas stations and found another close by that would work well.
I made it in with about 2 Ltrs of fuel left.
Once on the ground I notice there was a message to call Shane and Katy and they wanted to see my track log.
There was a fine line to escape the congested area when I launched this morning and it looked like I few over houses, I few over fields one my way out but as the tracker only records every 5 min it looks different. Then looking back at my track log my phone died just after take off so I could prove otherwise so I was penalized 6hrs no fly from when I landed.
Well that put the handbrake on. I rested up and had to replay my next stop with only just over 2 hrs of daylight left to fly I had to use every minute to make up for lost time.
I planned to head further south than previously planned and take a full load of fuel so I could fly at full speed and make some ground up.
I was help with a little tail wind which gave me speed of over 100kmph so I flew on to the next town where I could see there was accom for the night.
I landed with 10min to spare and made my way to the gas station which was also the accom and they do food! It was perfect! I got there just before closing!
I managed just under 300km today and with 6-700 km to the finish it’s going to be a massive day tomorrow or it will be 2 days to the finish with favorable weather.
Stay tuned for more updates, I can’t believe it taking so long! It doesn’t look that far on the map!

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