Day 6 – Icarus Trophy

Why is it taking so long.
I woke up to the sound of leave tussling in the wind. It was music to my ears! Tail wind and slow takeoff run! Life is good.
After sweet talking one of the guys at breakfast to run my gear down the road to where I landed I make an easy launch and off towards monument valley.
I had to make one stop to get there. So j landed where Byron staged the night and when to the gas station to fuel up. I get there and there is no fuel! The computers were down Dam! I had just put the oil into my motor and auxiliary tank but the second tank still had some fuel in to so I could tip the oil back into the container, I ran into the servo and go a drink bottle had a swig and tipped it out to pour to fuel oil into it so I could use it to run down the road and get fuel.
I literally was running down the road with a 5 ltr fuel can ran back poured it into my motor so noob I have just under a full standard tank to get me to monument valley. Should be good. It’s only 140km.
I set up out the back of the gas station and launch it was right beside power lines on a narrow track. A good committed run and I was off. Hot on Byron’s heels.
In my. Hast to get back in the air I forgot to zip my pocket with my Sunnies in it and they go overboard soon after takeoff and through the prop!!
Oh well no damage to the prop let’s keep going. I was flying at pull stick for 3/4 of the leg web j realize I can’t keep up this speed and make the monument valley turn point. I had to slow right down to drop the rpm so I could conserve fuel and make the last 40km with 2 Lars of fuel Ina cross head wind!
It was going to be super tight. I was contemplating diverting to and alternate airfield to refuel but that would mean one more stop.
I decided to push on and in the last 30km I remembered I had the drink bottle with some fuel and oil mix. There was way too much oil in it so if I was going to use it I had to get it in the tank now skit could mix with the other fuel.
So I manage to get my bag around I front of me and get the bottle out and take the Jose from my auxiliary tank and extract the file form the bottle into my tank without spilling fuel all over me in the process.
Job done but in not out of the woods yet I still have 30km to go in a moderate cross wind. I’m trimmed slow and milking any thermal lift I find even tools few turns in one to gain altitude.
I managed to sneak in with about half a ltr spare.
And there was no roads or any nice landings prior to making it. I wa so releaved to know yes I am going t I make it!
I refuels from down nice guys at the flyin at the airstrip and attempted to launch. It was my worst launch ever!
I was so tired my arms were all over the place j used up most of my runway sorting the glider then promptly ran out of runway and stopped abruptly thankfully not hurt other than my pride. I did suffer damage to my machine when my throttle got bitten by the prop and my netting also took a hit and one blade had a chunk taken out of it.
One of the guys there kindly fixed my prop while I fixed my throttle and netting. It was lucky Shane was there and had my spare parts! Job done just replace it!
I finishe off the prop and I was back in action this time timing the cycles better and getting a good run up and j as off.
The altitude was over 6000ft which is why it was so tricky.
Now I have a good tail wind run towards to finish line.
I made another 200km before stopping for the day in a small town to refuel and stay the night.
I ran into a local oils who kindly offer me a place to stay after I tilt them I was planning to stay at the motel. She tells me it’s crazy cat lady and there is meth heads everywhere! Few good to know! She offers me a place to stay, Great now she just has to get the pass from her husband! Lol. Load the gear in the back of the truck and off we go. Met the husband and he points a gun at me.
No I’m kidding they are great. They do like guns though.
We want to dinner and they are going to cordon off the road in the morning for me for take off. Last leg in the morning. And the amazing race is over. It’s been a blast! I’m head back to catch up with the other guys and share the final.
Stay tuned!

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