Top Landing: Always add tools to your flying tool box!

In the sport of Paragliding, it is essential to continue to challenge yourself to keep adding new flying tools to your Flying Tool Box. If you stop challenging yourself to learn and grow, you become complacent or you continue to reinforce poor flying habits that can (and often do) result in serious injury. If you are unsure of how to do something or you want to try something new, ask an experienced pilot for advice, for help, or for mentoring. We can teach you all sorts of skills at our school, but you can also just ask any experienced pilot who you click with to help you learn how to be a better pilot.

Skilled pilots make the skies safer for everyone!

Top Landing is a great example of adding skills to your tool box. Learning how to assess the landing conditions and how to top land safely will make you a better pilot and could save your life (or your buddy’s).

Here are five benefits of learning how to Top Land:
1) It’s always good to challenge yourself with new skills and not let yourself or your skills become complacent;
2) If your buddy has a mishap up top and no one else is up there to help, you can Top Land and provide assistance;
3) If the landing conditions below are squirrelly and a gust front prevents you from landing safely at the bottom, you can Top Land and wait it out;
4) You can safely travel from mountain top to mountain top and explore or hike around before taking flight again. Or, better yet, Top Landing is excellent for Bivy Flying (flying from mountain to mountain and camping);
5) You’ll win cool points with your flying buddies and they’ll all want to be like you. ?

Here’s one of our instructors demonstrating a top landing up on Mt. Baldy!