Warm Up Like a Patroller

5 moves to get you ready to hit the slopes.
With all this amazing snow we’ve been getting, there’s no doubt you want to make the most of your days on the slopes. While it’s tempting to just grab your gear and hit the snow, without a proper warm up you might be more susceptible to injuries. No one wants to sit out a season due to an injury that could have been prevented. 

For some advice, we checked in with Robyn Monk, Registered Yoga Teacher who works with our Patrol team to keep them fit and ready to take on anything the Mountain can throw at them. Our patrollers are the ones out on the Mountain day in and day out, in all conditions. They know that a proper warm up can make all the difference in their performance. 
So, if you want to start your day off like a patroller check out Robyn’s 5 must-do warm up moves that get you ready for all those powder turns ahead.